The Comparison of Air filling Rubber Dam and Water Filling Rubber Dam

April 21, 2021

The Comparison of Air filling Rubber Dam and Water Filling Rubber Dam

There are many purpose of rubber dam which can be used for hydraulic power station and extend the storage capability of existing concrete dam. It also can be used for irrigation purpose and landscape in cities.In these applications, customers could choose air filling rubber dam or water filing rubber according to different purpose and detailed situation. 


Water Filled Rubber Dam

Air Filling Rubber Dam

Outside air temperature

The internal water of rubber bladder would be frozen in cold temperature

The internal pressure would change when temperature changes greatly 

In hot Area

The internal water could reduce the outer surface temperature of rubber bladder and prolong the rubber dam service life

The internal pressure would be very high

Circumference length of rubber bladder



Loading concrete foundation

Longer with high cost

Shorter with lower cost

Max. Overflow height

50% of dam height

30% of dam height

Stability of rubber bladder during operation


Would vibrate.The vibrasion will be reduced if there is deflector design

Inflation and deflation time

Longer time

Shorter time

Inflation and deflation pipe

Pipe diameter is bigger

Pipe diameter is smaller

Application in hydraulic power station

Could adjust the upriver level according to adjust dam height

Could not adjust upriver water level

Build in spillway of hydraulic power station

Could not if the spillway is not horizontal